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The Original 'Ventiplug' Produced By Quigley Outdoor Solutions

A family company passionate about solving problems for caravans, camping, outdoor living and activities.

Ventiplug solves the problem of the current waste pipe outlet, after a number of times opening and closing the flap attached on the existing pipe , it can break off and be lost. The Ventiplug allows the owner to place the plug onto the opening of the waste pipe when both stationary and in motion travelling.

Ingress Protection - Fitting all 28mm Diam Waste Pipe Fixture on caravans

Its allows air to circulate throughout the pipe and keeps out any cabin odors.

It helps prevents any bugs /slugs and creatures from climbing into the pipe and causing issues.

It also has space for a loop or attachment so it can be hung or stored when not being used. The video shows the Ventiplug with a loop for demonstrative purposes.

Durable, ECO - friendly and easy to clean, the Ventiplug solves a problem at an affordable cost with ease of use.

This is not a locally 3D printed product, it is an officially manufactured product which has been tested accordingly. 

We hope you get good use from ventiplug and follow us for product updates and more solutions on instagram @quigley_outdoor_solutions

Thank You 

The Team

Quigley Outdoor Solutions


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